fredag den 30. september 2016

Silk Crepe de Chine - you gorgeous fabric you....

I've worked with crepe and crepe de chine before - the poly(blend) kind of fabric, but this is my first go with the real deal, the gorgeous silk crepe de chine from The Fabric Store! Liberty silk crepe de chine to be specific. If I could afford it I would wear nothing else! Soft, drapey and actually pretty easy to work with. Put that microtex needle in your machine and sew away!

I knew from the moment I laid my hands on this fabric that I would turn it into 'something loose fitting'. I do love me a beautiful and fitted dress but I know from experience that a loose fitting something would get much much more wear. And this fabric deserves to get worn over and over again!

I had an idea in my mind and by combining the (slightly modified) top version of the Inari Tee (Dress) with an also slightly modified version of the skirt part from the Emery Dress I was able to create the comfy yet elegant loose fitting dress of my dreams.

søndag den 18. september 2016

Simplicity 1158 and sort of....

I've been having a little fun with Simplicity 1158.

The first thing I made based on this pattern was a short jumpsuit, then I made the jumpsuit Luna is wearing below. After that I got creative and made myself a dress, loved it so much and made one more - this one below. This nude beige dress is a severely hacked version of the pattern. In fact this is a refashioned version of a refashion. The first version looked like this. I liked but didn't love it - and never wore it. Then I added an elastic waist to the dress - which helped but still it just stayed in my closet. The fabric is just so gorgeous; a peachskin fabric with a very subtle sheen, that it deserved to get worn - so recently I butchered the dress and turned it into this little number. I didn't have fabric enough to make the original pleated version of the bodice, so I had to settle for simple gathered one instead (I like it though). Furthermore it was impossible to make the original ties from the rather small pieces of fabric I had to work with, so these ties are actually the neckline binding from the previous dress. Way to go, me! On Luna's jumpsuit you can see how wide the ties are meant to be - but I think these skinny ties work as well. Luna's jumpuit is lengthened a bit at the bodice part because of her height but apart from that it's a size 10 straight from the envelope. I should mention that the original pattern doesn't include a dress option but you can pretty much add any skirt to the bodice and it'll work out fine.


søndag den 4. september 2016

A little Mccalls, a little Knipmode and a little me...

My latest mash-up. This floral number is mainly based on this pattern from Knipmode and the OOP McCall's M5927 - and then modified some more.

I believe it's the first time I've tried a Knipmode pattern. This pattern is downloaded from their site but I do also have one of their magazines. I bought that particular mag months ago because it had a knit dress pattern I just had to try...and haven't tried yet. Knipmode does not offer all of their patterns as pdf files, so I had to buy the magazine to get that specific pattern. Must make it soon.

Even though I'm not at all fluent in Dutch I did somehow manage to read/get/understand/guess the instructions - nice one me. Okay, the dress isn't that difficult to sew I admit. As stated above I only used the bodice part from this pattern. It was the neckline in particular that made this pattern a must! I think it's so elegant. I made a size 40 but ended up taking it in a bit. I'm normally a size 40/42 in rtw clothes, so I guess this pattern runs a bit large in size. I can't say if that's the case with all Knipmode patterns. Or maybe I just prefer the dress a bit more fitted than it's designed to be. It's not that I don't like the original skirt that comes with this pattern - I just like this one even better :-). The pockets and the pleats on this sadly oop M5927 are just perfect. It's the third time I've used this skirt pattern for a dress. Here it is in a scuba version (which I've actually decided to sell).

The fabric is cotton sateen with a little stretch from the Danish shop Fabricroad.


fredag den 26. august 2016

You're gonna hear me roar....

Back in May when 'me and my sewing posse' attended 'London Sew Social' we were gifted some great stuff -  patterns and fabric being some of it. 

This 'B-Inspired' (now B-Trendy) by Poppy Magazine (patterns) was new to me, but absolutely not new on the market. Bertram was in urgent need of new shorts before our Italy vacation so I decided to try one of the patterns from the mag. And YIPPEEEEE - the perfect pattern for my pretty skinny 10 year old.....and not the shorts below :-). Since I was so pleased with the fit I decided to add a couple of more B-Trendy mags to my stash. Some of the patterns are even offered in a size 164 which means that I can make them for my soon to be 13 year old son as well. At least that's what I hope. That soon to be teen is growing like a weed and is 175 cm tall now, but with a little lengthening I believe it'll work out. (He's probably 180 cm tall before I'm done writing this post!!)

Back to Bertram's outfit. The pattern I used for these short is from an older magazine but the outcome has the same great fit. I tapered them a bit toward the knee as I thought they would be too loose around Bertram's sticks, but truth is I think they would have been even better without my adjustments. 

The tank is the 'Twisted Tank' (sans twist) designed by my friend and 'London Sew Social Posse Member' Laura of Titchy Threads. I made it for the kid last year and it still fits. 

Fun fact: It was only when I was about to cut into this lion head fabric I realised that the mastermind behind this design and the magazines is the same - Poppy.  Isn't that funny. Okay, maybe I'm easily amused. No, it is funny!! This 'roar' sweatshirt fabric is sold at one and only Stofdepotet. 

I've also made Wilma some B-Trendy shorts - they too have a great fit! (And are not the ones she's wearing below - I'm such a teaser....) Nope, she's wearing Nani IRO 'Savannah Shorts' designed by Cali Faye Collection. A truly great pattern. I've already made her two pairs and more to year. 

I present to you: Bertram 'Moves Like Zombie Jagger' and his little sister...

And then you should take a look at what a couple of my homegirls are posting today. Olu and Sara - take it away!

tirsdag den 23. august 2016

Ruffle Dress by Lolah (Patterns)

I've had the pleasure of testing the hopefully soon to be released Ruffle Dress pattern designed by Lolah.

This is one of four patterns from the very first collection from Lolah. The launch date is still uncertain - but in the near future I hope.

I'm so pleased with this one. I'm in love with this oversized ruffle and the straight cut. The pattern is actually designed for woven fabric but I cheated, used a scuba instead - and omitted the centre back closure.

The dress is fully lined...which I also skipped on this my very first test version. I simply folded under the seam allowance on both armholes and neckline and top stitched from the right side....and didn't even hem the dress. Another great thing about scuba knits :-)

I will definetely make Wilma a woven version as well. More giant ruffles to come.

I made W the largest size - 10 - and lengthened it by 5-7 cm.

lørdag den 20. august 2016

Black Friday - Kommatia Cropped Trousers and a selfdrafted top

I should start by apologizing to my soon to be 18 year old daughter. This outfit was meant for her - but somehow ended up on me. (Grow some hips, kid!)

I've been meaning to try Kommatia Patterns for quite some time now; these Baggy Cropped Trousers beeing amongst my (and Luna's) favorites.

As mentioned above I was going start by making Luna a pair. A size M sounded just about right for her - but as you can see they ended up on me. I'm sure it has more to do with my choice of fabric than the actual sizing on the pattern. Because the only times I'm a size M is in my dreams!

The pants are made of a crepe back satin from Stofdepotet. I've used the crepe as front. The fabric has some stretch - and stretches even more when worn, so yeah, that's why I'm in a size M. I might be the worst Mum ever, but I'm kind of glad that Luna was swimming in these because I'm absolutely and head over heels in love with this design. It's not easy to see on my black version but the pants have an assymetric crotch line - which could easily be altered into an ordinay crotch line if preferred.

I did alter the design a little. The original pattern has you inserting a zipper in the cb seam, but I moved mine to the side seam on Luna's suggestion.

The top is self drafted. This is my wearable muslin - now I just wish I had added more length to it. My focus was on the high neck/straps/bust fitting part, and I wasn't really going to use it...but hey, it's a crop (that I really don't feel that comfortable in, so this one might go to Luna). I do like the fit of the top, though. Just as I had envisioned. More to come for sure. Perhaps even a dress version. The fabric is some stretchy 'leather look' jersey from Stofdepotet.

And that's how I went out last night for my friend's 40th birthday. Today I'm a little hung over, still wearing last nights make up...and have a house to clean. Le Sigh! (Or I could just sew some pants for Luna)

tirsdag den 16. august 2016

Inari - again....and again!

Hi I'm Trine, but you might know me as the Inari Lady.

I'm not a 100% sure but I think the two below might be my Inaris 8 and 9. Yes, I'm making all the Inaris!! All the originals and all the hacks.

It's only a matter of time before the machine can do the Inari all by itself.

It's an easy to sew but very well designed cocoonish sack dress. A genuine man repeller (not that it'll ever stop me). A sucker for sacks - that's me!

The original pattern comes with a crop tee and a dress option. So far I've only made Inari Dresses but as you shall see I made a tee as well this time.

Let's start with the dress. This pink baby is made of the softest, easy to handle faux stretchy suede from Stofdepotet. Perforated faux suede. As I wrote in my previous blog post I just had to make something for myself with this fine fabric.

I didn't make any changes to the top part of the dress. Well, I omitted the neckline facings (I'm not a fan of the facings as they are designed for this particular dress. I have used them a couple of times, but I've always added a little width to them as I find them too narrow.) In fact this time I made the easiest neckline finish of all times - just turned under once and topstitched. Not the prettiest finish but the easiest one to do in stretchy fabric. Shame on me. I did make some changes to the bottom hemline as you can see. Instead of making the side slits I did a curved hem on both front and back. And I left the hemline raw. I might do a hemline facing at some point, but I'm not sure it'll be necessary as the fabric doesn't really fray. I really like how this new hemline turned out. I'm still a big fan of the original side slits I just wanted to try something new.

And now for the tee. I made myself this soft, drapy high collar Inari tee. And then Luna stole it....

As you can see I changed the neckline. I raised it a little both front and back and added a simple, semi-high collar. I didn't make any changes to the sleeves but I did add some length to the tee. Luna loves it so much. She has several fitted turtleneck tees - but wasn't even aware that she was missing a slouchy short sleeved version before she saw mine. Now ours.

This knit fabric is also from Stofdepotet.

And finally show Mum your 'cute Kindergartner pose' ....(she'll hate me for this)

Disclaimer: The Inari pattern was gently provided by Indiesew but the thoughts, words and opinions are mine all mine.